Chapter 1. Supported Hardware

With the release of PA-RISC architecture in Debian 3.0 (aka Woody), a major improvement was made in term of quantity and quality of hardware support. Since 0.9.3 released[1], the kernel has been greatly improved, so that much unsupported hardware by the time 0.9.3 went out is now handled. That's why even if your model is not listed here, you might give it a try and report your result to the mailing list: .


Mind that as of this document's publication date, the 2.4 series of the Linux kernel are deemed obsolete, and no development happens in that branch. Any new comer to the PA-RISC/Linux port should look at the 2.6 kernel series, which supports much more hardware than the 2.4 does. Accordingly, one will not try to use the now aging Woody release and will instead focus on its successor: Sarge, or even better, the upcoming Etch.

The following PA-RISC machines should work just fine, provided that you follow the instructions of the present document. Please note that this list can change at any time. The best way to get an up to date version is to look at This is the place to find relevant information about a specific model, including special boot procedures. More hardware information can be found on OpenPA.

SMP machines should work with SMP kernels (and UP ones, of course) unless stated otherwise.

These are not really working yet but work is being carried on.

No plan to get the following hardware completely supported in the near future:

The following hardware might never work:



Before the first release of Debian on hppa, there has been unofficial releases of Woody snapshots, entitled "PA/Linux releases", and numbered 0.x. Immediately after the release of Woody, the PA/Linux port switched to the normal Debian numbering scheme. In other words, Debian 3.0 is consecutive to PA/Linux 0.9.3.