4.2. Booting from hard drive

Booting from hard drive is not really more difficult that booting from CD. The only thing really important is that your hard drive has to be correctly prepared. Take a look at Section 3.3.3 to learn how to prepare it.

  1. Start the box and enter the BOOT_ADMIN mode. (Section 2.1.1)

  2. There are two options from there: either you know the full PATH to your hard disk device, then you can jump to next step, or you don't. In this last case, issue a search ipl to list all available bootable devices. You can also specify search [PATH]. For instance if you want to search the Single Ended SCSI bus:

    search SESCSI

    Take a look at help search for details specific to your box.

  3. Once you know the full PATH to your hard drive, you can issue a boot <PATH>. That's all. If everything goes fine, it will start booting the kernel as setup by PALO (see Section 3.3.3). Real life example:

    boot scsi.6